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Urban Sports Week Amsterdam is designed to give non-mainstream sports a platform and an opportunity to showcase themselves, not only to their core communities but also the wider public. Urban sports is about changing your perspective and profiling sports such as BMX, Free Running, Skateboarding, Inline Skating and 3x3 Basketball. Urban Sport Week Amsterdam will organize the following events at StreetstyleCon 2018.

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Creativity, skills, style, courage & lots of fun is what you need to ride a BMX bike. Quite a lot of people used to have a BMX bike back in the 80ties with cool BMX stickers on it. 
Is BMX a bicycle brand? No it is not, BMX is the abbreviation for bicycle motocross. 

It all started on motocross tracks where kids were just having fun riding their bikes, racing and doing tricks. Nowadays there are 5 disciplines in BMX Freestyle: BMX Street, Park, Dirt, Vert & Flatland. 
The BMX street category is one of the most common disciplines. All you need is your bike, the city streets and props like handrails, stairs, benches etc. and your ready to showoff your tricks. Want to participate in the BMX or any of the other events, or want to see some amazing action. Then contact us or come and visit the Urban Sports Area at StreetstyleCon Amsterdam. .


Bouldering is a form of pure climbing. Leaving behind ropes and harnesses, your challenge is to climb with your balance, technique, body strength and not to forget a high doses of courage. Climbing can be practiced anywhere. It’s a worldwide sport with a large number of enthusiasts in various countries. In 2015 there where 35 million active climbers Worldwide, 50% of these climbers where under the age of 25. It’s a very popular sport with the young, and also good for developing strength, flexibility and analytical skills. Various competition events are held in spectacular venues where breathtaking shows create intense reaction and emotions from spectators.   The Sport of climbing will featured as a new category at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. But don’t wait and come to experience Bouldering at StreetstyleCon.


Breakdance originally started as a street dance in New York in the 1970s. It has since developed in one of the most popular dance styles on the planet. It consists of high-energy dance and technical moves like head spins, freezes, worms, moonwalks and windmills. The incredible intensity of the dancers combined with gymnastic moves give a wow factor to the every performance. One of the most important aspects for the Breakdancers are the battles. Here two or more dancers use their skills and give all they got to put on a great show, while various judges give point to decides who wins the Breakdance battle.


Exciting, urban and innovative. 3x3 basketball is inspired by several forms of Streetball been played worldwide and is considered the world’s number one urban team sport. During thee games you will see two teams of each three players, face off on a basketball half-court. Very athletic, fast and skilled players will be competing at Streetstylcon and are sure to put on a competitive show.


Freerunning is a discipline where one has to move through their environment by only using the human body in a fluid and creative way, while overcoming obstacles both mentally and physically. Runs can include vaults, balancing on railings, climbing up walls, flipping off objects, twists, swinging, sliding and any other type of movement imaginable.   Freerunning originated from the French discipline of Parkour, this is where you train your body and mind to find the fastest and most efficient path between two points in any environment or freerun track. There will be a challenging track at Streetstylecon for all Freerunners.


All you need for this disipline is to strap some wheels under your feet and you are ready to have some fun. Inline scaters love to explore the city or do some amazing dare devil tricks like jumping, spinning or grinding. Skaters love a challenge and are go getters as they fall, get up and try again until it succeeds. Come and see amazing tricks at our Streetstylecon indoor skatepark.


Skateboarding started in the streets of California during the 1950’s, this is how surfers would pastime while waiting for the waves to surf upon. Half a century later this form of streetsurfing has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that now is accepted as an Olympic sport in 2020. Amsterdam is no stranger to skaters and the skateboards. Not only did Amsterdam feature the country's very first halfpipe on the Waterlooplein, the Dutch capital also hosts the oldest skateboard store in Europe. So what better place to keep this tradition going then at the StreetstyleCon in Amsterdam.


With the SportContrainer you can practice a thousand different sports, here the main focus is on urban sports. Some examples are; bootcamp, crossfit, outdoor fitness, survival and obstacle runs. These sports can all be practiced in the SportContrainer which provides an innovative way of doing exercise in public spaces. The strength of the SportContrainer is its flexibility and mobility. It can be used at indoor and outdoor events, in towns, cities and placed in any neighbourhood for a longer period. 
At StreetstyleCon there will be a Sportcontrainer available to be used by all visiting the event, don’t miss the opportunity to see what the Sportcontrainer is all about.


The Urban Hockey experience is a new challenging and cool form of hockey that is played on the streets. The different categories of Urban Hockey are; Street-hockey 3v3, 5v5, Urban Skills & Tricks, Urban Challenges & Battles and an Urban Parkour’s. 
During StreetstyleCon the public will be able to join in and experience Urban Hockey.

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