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Jaouad Ait Taleb Nasser, better known as Jayh, has an Antillean mother and a Moroccan father. He contributes to three songs on the album "Verder" by Lange Frans & Baas B and sings the chorus of "Cool" on Dio's album "Rock & Roll". The most important achievement is the release of his own mixtape Jayh.nl, which he together with DJ MBA put together. On the free tape offered for download are ten tracks, together accounting for a thick half-hour professionally produced, well-executed Dutch R & B. It is a genre that has developed much less strongly in recent years than Dutch hip hop, but Jayh proves to be the positive exception that confirms the rule. The songs "My Baby" and "Delilah" (with Willie Wartaal), both from the mixtape, grow into hits on different urban radio stations. The success of Jayh and the quality of his music do not go unnoticed for long: in January 2009 he signs a record deal with Top Notch. In addition to a record deal, Jayh and Darryl have their own radio show at Wild-FM. In the summer of 2011, Jayh's long awaited debut album "Jayh Jawson" was released, featuring both beautiful ballads and up-tempo dance tracks. With the first release the single "Gek" (also title song for the Dutch feature film "The President"). In 2014 Jayh made a breakthrough with the general public with his hit "Nice day" In this same year he signs a contract with the new label Avalon Music. Jayh is currently working hard on his follow-up album


Lijpe is a rapper from the village of Maarssen near Utrecht. He has proven himself in a short time with strong tracks, various performances and popular sessions. With the video at the song 'Eyes In Your Back', shot in Morocco, Lijpe garnered a lot of praise. Well-known rapper Kempi was the first to point out Top Notch's chief, Kees de Koning, at Lijpe. Kees has been keeping an eye on him since then, with great admiration for Lijpe's creativity and entrepreneurship. Lijpe is therefore the only artist who manages himself and the management in his own huts is 100% real


Dopebwoy was born March 14, 1994 with the name 'Jordan Jacott' in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. He lived there with his father, mother and brother and at the age of 5 he moved to Almere. In his youth he was a good footballer, played at Buitenboys> Omniworld. Soon Jordan was on a different path, namely music! At secondary school Dopey chose 'Brassband' as an after-school activity, and started working with music ever more. Jordan's father is a DJ (DJ Flash) and he was busy with music every day and Jordan learned everything he knew. Jordan makes beats but had no one to produce, so Jordan had recorded his first English track on his own beat under the name 'Kleine'. But soon Dopebwoy switched to Dutch-language rap. For example, in 2011 he released Dutch-language tracks and began to break through more and more with the general public. In early 2012 Dopebwoy dropped his first video clip featuring: Lexxxus, Rasskulz, Donny Baby and Scotteboii called 'Beatrix'. This song was a real banger and with this track Dopebwoy showed that he can also raps. After this track, people / fans wanted more tracks but Dopey had no beats. His uncle DJ Jeff gave him Reason and FL Studio 6/7. When he had the programs, he immediately went to work, and made beats all day long. In the same year he wrote a commercial track called 'Summer' for Kempi. But Kempi dropped a fresh one on the track and Dopebwoy brought it out. That same week, that number was number 1 in the Juize.FM Top 5 for the first two weeks. In 2013 Dopebwoy started working with Jowy Rosé, and Jowy let Dopey get acquainted with the label Streetknowledge. In 2014 and 2015 Dopebwoy makes several tracks for, among others, himself but also for many other artists such as: F1rstman (Tell Me), Bundem (Dopebwoy), Yes-R (That's Life) and SBMG (Late Night Sex). We can not wait until we can release music in collaboration with Dopebwoy!


Aliyah Kolf became known in 2011 when she participated in the talent contest Holland's Got Talent at the age of eleven. In the semifinals of this television program she sang the song "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". She won the final on 16 September 2011 with the song "I Have Nothing". She received 35 percent of the votes. She won a masterclass from a professional in the United States. [1] The car eventually went to Kolf's mother and she was allowed to determine who her professional was at the expense of RTL. Eventually, Kolf chose the singer Jennifer Hudson. In November 2011, Kolf and Los Angeles, The Voices went into the studio to record the "Miss You Most At Christmas Time" duet for the Christmas album A Christmas Spectacular of this singing group. On 18 December 2011, Kolf was presented with a gold album for the album A Christmas Spectacular in the program Carlo & Irene: Life4You. In January 2012, together with rapper Monsif, Kolf made the rap of the year especially for the Jeugdjournaal. The rap was about the news of 2011. Aliyah first gave a performance with the song "I Have Nothing" during the opening of the live shows of the fifth season of Holland's Got Talent. Here Kolf told me she was busy with putting the final touches on the i for the development of her first single. Kolf released her new single in the final of the whole of Holland on June 1, 2012. The single (and accompanying video clip) entitled "Yeah Yeah Yeah" is the result of a successful collaboration between Kolf and Brahim Fouradi, who initiated the help of John Ewbank and Reverse, among others. The video clip of "Yeah Yeah Yeah" was viewed more than a hundred thousand times on YouTube in the first week. In the video clip of her single she dances with Leslie De Koning, the winner of Avro's Junior Dance, a talent show for young dancers. On December 18, 2012 her Christmas number came out, called 7 nights. From 18 June 2014, Aliyah was on show in the motion picture film Heks do not exist, her acting debut. In September 2015 her new single came out: "Unbelievable". In 2016 she plays a guest role in the youth series De Ludwigs as Kelly de Vlogger, who is madly in love with Daniel Ludwig. In the summer of 2017 Aliyah made a comeback with the song Hypnoze [2] and as the end of her years as a youth artist she launched the song Lover & Bestfriend in collaboration with Monsif .



Jhorano Plet (22) grew up in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost where he spent his youth with local musicians. Thanks to his mother, he was fed with 80's and 90's heroes, with R. Kelly being the biggest influence. His future seemed to be on the football field, because Jhorr knows how to kick a ball, but the world liked him less. The talented athlete soon saw that his place was outside the Arena stadium and then completely immersed himself in the music under the name Jhorrmountain. Through YouTube he arranged the beats, the raps he did himself. "Just nicked, so, haha!" Nowadays he tackles it more professionally with Blueprint Boothcamp as an elite training that has to guide him to the top. "I am the only person here who is just behind a mike, while Frans is a legend in the rap game and the rest also has a lot of experience, I really want to learn how to write the best lyrics and get the best rap Boothcamp taught me to be honest with myself, and against my colleagues. " His next project: "A solo album, I want people to listen to the message I want to convey with my music, I feel at my best when I can perform, that's my world


KaliBwoy (born Natalio Rijssel, December 28th in Amsterdam). Has his South-American roots from his parents who were both from Surinam. While growing up in the streets of Amsterdam, Kali has always been attracted to music. At a young age he got introduced to the Reggae and Dancehall culture and music.Inspired by his Surinam friends, KaliBwoy’s love and passion for the music became stronger and more serious. At a given moment he started to write lyrics for reggae/dancehall songs. In that same period Kali started picking up the Jamaican “Patois” dialect. The use and understanding of the dialect felt natural to Kalibwoy. Shortly hereafter he got to meet the “Dredda Youthz”, where his first project started off. It was during this period that Kali experienced to master the skills of performaning with a live band. Somewhere around 2008 KaliBwoy started to focus on his solo career. Meanwhile the ‘gentlemen’ of StylzMatic crossed Kalis path. As a result, Kali began to work with multitalented producer “TheprinceOFbeatz”. 

At the end of 2008 KaliBwoy joins the Jamrock family as a host on their shows, sweeping and firing up the crowd at the biggest venues with a.o. Dj Waxfiend, Dj MBA and DJ Jah doing the hosting longside Maikal X, a.ka. Shy Rock from the band Postmen. In 2009 we find KaliBwoy opening shows for Reggae and Dancehalls finest; from Mavado to Vybz Kartel , Elephant Man, Capleton and artists as Richie Spice, Norrisman and Chezidek. After spending lots of studiotime, KaliBwoy releases his first mixtape, under the StylzMatic record label, ‘Mission Tek ovah’ - Phase One. This year Kali’s skills improved rapidly which lead to his tracks been heard on different DJ mix tapes which got him international recognition.  He also released a so-called summary mix named ‘Rotation’ mixed by DJ MBA.   Halfway 2010 Kalibwoy joined the Dutch “Grote Prijs van Nederland” Competition in the Hip-Hop Category and turned out to be the winner after a sizzling battle and nerve-wracking finale. Winning this Finale catapulted his status even more.

La Toya

La Toya Linger, also known as "Lioness," was born in Surinam in 1986. At the age of 9 she moved to the Netherlands. As a little girl she was always singing. When she was older she started writing her own lyrics. In time her love for reggae and dancehall music increased. Since she had no studio at her disposal she started making music on a computer. Due to the fact that she had no producer she used beats from the internet to create songs. She decided to make music videos to the best tracks and exposed them to the world on YouTube. That way she caught the attention of local artists which resulted in several collaborations. Her first track "Mi Waan Yu" was recorded and released in sept 2012. The track had many positive reactions. She was asked to do her very first performance that same week at the largest Jamrock Party in the Netherlands. The track was well received by DJ ́s and web radios. even the producers of the riddim "Riverside Productionz" were so positive that they wanted to create a new riddim for La Toya. She released her first mixtape "Lioness On The Rise" in June 2013. Then she took some personal time off. When she returned in the scene 2015 she was asked to perform as a supporting act for Charly Black. After this they immediately linked up and released a dancehall record called "I Love You" which was well received. In 2016 she was inspired to write and had therefore multiple writing sessions, both national as abroad. 2017 turned out to be an exciting year, in which she featured many artists like: yet again Charly Black, Trobi, Afrobros, Leprince,Pattexxx, Capital Candy ,DJ Moortje, La Baby, Menasa & last but certainly not least the all time legend Sistersmurf from Bubbling Queen. The first one of those collabs to be released is a single with Pattexxx & Capital Candy at the end of January. The song is called "Wet Dream". In which La Toya showcases her sultry voice. This is just the beginning. Many more to be released in 2018. So stay tuned!!! At the moment La Toya is very busy working on her first EP. She hopes to suprise her fans with more different kind of songs. For example a sensitive side. Stay tuned!!

Rapper Sjors

Rapper Sjors is geboren in Heerlen op 31 mei 1992 en kwam al vrij jong in aanraking met Rapmuziek.We kennen Rapper Sjors vooral van Man Bijt Hond. Onmiddelijk na de eerste uitzending van Man Bijt Hond kwamen er veel reacties op zijn optreden. Sommigen van zijn fans zochten hem bewust thuis op. Het kon zomaar gebeuren dat op een avond er tientallen fans op zijn stoep stonden. Het mag duidelijk zijn: Rapper Sjors heeft iets.. Hij is politiek en maatschappij-kritisch en maakt daar Raps over. Dat deed hij over de belastingdienst maar ook over de ouderenzorg en het belastingvoordeel voor de bezitters van oldtimer-auto’s en nu ook over het Nederlandse drugbeleid in zijn laatste single “Gratis Wiet”. Zijn nummers gaan ergens over. Sjors heeft een nuchtere kijk op de dingen en over onrecht kan Sjors zich behoorlijk opwinden. In de zomer van 2013 kwamen Dave Donkervoort (Purple Studio) elkaar tegen en al snel werd afgesproken samen wat te gaan proberen. Dat resulteerde in “De Ware Liefde” zijn voorlaatste single. Duidelijk is nu ook welke kant het opgaat met Rapper Sjors. Vette Funk gemixed met R&B-Hip Hop en Nederlandse maatschappij-kritische teksten maar wel dansbaar.

DJ Moortje

Due to his eternal love and dedication to the music business he keeps on re-inventing himself. Collaborating with a new generation of DJs, he keeps on building on his innovative music style. 2014 is going to be another year of multiple successes and new milestones. As he has been approached for a documentary about his life as a DJ Moortje and his Speed Bubbling. New collaborations with national and international artists are about to happen. The management or DJ Moortje, GIG-International is arranging his appearance on numerous festivals and ofcourse the ADE 2017. Dj Moortje just release a new track call PASTE together with PARTY SQAUD -ADJE & KEMPI. At the moment (2018) he is very busy in the studio with some nice productions. So stay tuned, as there's a lot to come from DJ Moortje, the journey is not over yet.




Kizz Me

Kizz Me is a 9 piece band with Jefferson Da Veiga, Marise Barbosa & Tahir on the smooth and sensual vocals. What makes Kizz Me stand out is their ability to play well known kizomba hits live and the way they make the songs sound like a sensual kiss in your ear.

Are you ready to dance to some deep bass lines, get lost in the sound of smooth vocals and also feel the sensual beat of the drums? Kizz Me is going to bring it to you: Live!

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